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Steven Arcangeli 2023-10-16 14:54:28 -07:00
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@ -1,17 +1,24 @@
.PHONY: all doc test lint fastlint clean
.PHONY: all doc test lint fastlint clean update_snapshots
all: doc lint test
# Regenerate documentation
doc: scripts/nvim_doc_tools
python scripts/main.py generate
python scripts/main.py lint
# Run the test suite
# Update the symbols snapshot files
./run_tests.sh --update
# Run all linters
lint: scripts/nvim-typecheck-action fastlint
./scripts/nvim-typecheck-action/typecheck.sh --workdir scripts/nvim-typecheck-action lua
# Run all the fast linters
fastlint: scripts/nvim_doc_tools
python scripts/main.py lint
luacheck lua tests --formatter plain