Immediate-mode texture atlas stitching library for Zig
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A tiny immediate-mode texture atlas stitching library.

Atlassian allows you to create texture (and font) atlases for graphics development. It uses a custom bin packing algorithm aiming to strike a balance between performance and space efficiency.

Atlassian is immediate-mode in the sense that you register a sprite and then immediately get its position on the atlas — no ahead-of-time registration necessary. This makes Atlassian well suited for lazy loading of textures.

Atlassian uses an atlas with a fixed width (this limits the width a sprite can have!) but has an indefinetely growing height, which grows downwards as more sprites are added.


As an example, have a look at the font rendering section of bingus, my bingo GUI and refer to the in-code documentation.

Why is this GPL?

I do not support proprietary software. If you are an honest open-source developer, Atlassian's license will not pose an issue.