Unmaintained in favor of Zenolith A universal layout engine written in Zig
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Boxflow is a layout engine implementing flexboxes as well as others in Zig. It aims to be universally usable for applications such as GUIs and window managers.

NOTE: Boxflow is alpha software. Expect bugs and breaking changes!


To compile Boxflow, you need to use the latest master version of the Zig compiler. If Boxflow stops compiling on master Zig, please bug me about it.

If you want to use Boxflow, a good starting point is looking at src/Box.zig. It's the main interface of Boxflow. I hope to document all types extensively.


If you would like to fix a bug or improve documentation, you're very welcome to open a PR about that.

If you'd like to add a feature, please open an issue first, so we can discuss it.

In case you have any questions, feel free to message me on matrix (@lordmzte:mzte.de), send me an email (lord@mzte.de) or DM me on discord (LordMZTE#9001) if all else fails.

Boxflow is licensed under GPL-3 to prevent spread of proprietary garbage.