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Friendly Snippets

Snippets collection for a set of different programming languages.

The only goal is to have one community driven repository for all kinds of snippets in all programming languages, this way you can have it all in one place.


Use your plugin manager of choice, e.g.

With Lazy.nvim

{ "rafamadriz/friendly-snippets" }


If you're using LuaSnip make sure to use require("luasnip.loaders.from_vscode").lazy_load(), and add friendly-snippets as a dependency for LuaSnip, otherwise snippets might not be detected. If you don't use lazy_load() you might notice a slower startup-time

  dependencies = { "rafamadriz/friendly-snippets" },

With Packer

use "rafamadriz/friendly-snippets"

With vim-plug

Plug "rafamadriz/friendly-snippets"

With coc.nvim

:CocInstall https://github.com/rafamadriz/friendly-snippets@main


This collection of snippets should work with any snippet engine that supports loading vscode snippets. Like for example:

Add snippets from a framework to a filetype.


This is handled by your snippet engine and has nothing to do with this snippets collection

There's extra snippets included in this repo but they are not added by default, since it would be irrelevant for people not using those frameworks. See snippets/frameworks

For example: if you want to add rails snippets to ruby.

With LuaSnip:

require'luasnip'.filetype_extend("ruby", {"rails"})

With vim-vsnip:

let g:vsnip_filetypes.ruby = ['rails']

Excluding snippets


This is handled by your snippet engine and has nothing to do with this snippets collection

With LuaSnip, see help luasnip-loaders

-- will exclude all javascript snippets
require("luasnip.loaders.from_vscode").load {
    exclude = { "javascript" },



HTML gif


JS gif


  • Add all included snippets to the Wiki.

Thanks to all contributors


A good portion of the snippets have been forked from the following repositories: